About Us

Intellitix is the leading global provider of technology-driven solutions for festivals and live events. Our game-changing technology helps event organizers reduce costs, increase revenues, and enhance the guest event experience. We don’t sell tickets, but we can make them do remarkable things!

Intellitix is passionate about improving the way organizers and their audiences experience live events, bridging digital technology with real life experiences. We strive to provide organizers with the tools to engage and add value to event-goers far beyond the event’s physical borders.

Our mission is to better connect promoters and their commercial partners with ticket buyers; to gain insight into their actions, while offering a secure and non-invasive environment, boosting revenue opportunities, and eliminating fraud for full control and transparency.

Intellitix is motivated by the power of the audience and we are dedicated to finding ways to nurture and develop a community, both on-site and online – before, during and after your event.

Enhance your guest experience with RFID Technology.